Business Planning

Business planning is a process that involves creating a mission or goal for a company and defining the strategies that are used to achieve that goal or task.

The process can be extensive, encompassing all aspects of the operation, or it can focus on specific functions within the company’s overall structure. It often involves the use of resources within the company, as well as the hiring of consultants to help design and implement the plan.

A second step where business planning comes into play is when an existing company wants to expand its operations. This will determine what is needed to manage the expansion process, particularly financing new facilities, increasing sales and marketing efforts, and designing a new communications infrastructure to satisfy the expansion’s requirements.

It is not uncommon for consultants to be used during this type of planning, as the process often involves a drastic overhaul of the company’s operations. The primary task of business planning is necessary for the entrepreneur starting a new business and for the established business that wants to expand by launching new products or acquiring competitors. 

Advantages of business planning

These are some of the advantages of doing business planning to enable you to achieve your objectives:

  • The business planning process provides information and structure to aid in decision-making.
  • Planning links short-term and long-term goals helps link specific activities to goals, identifies resource constraints and customer needs, identifies resource constraints and trade-offs, and expected benefits.
  • Business planning also helps test ideas on paper before putting them into action and builds confidence to move forward and seize opportunities.
  • It helps keep the business-focused, which leads to a better understanding of the relationship between business and family. It clarifies the roles played by family members, partners, and staff in the company.
  • Formal business plans help resource providers explain their image, that of the company, past performance, and future projections. Documentation demonstrates your ability to manage, plan, and communicate. Documentation serves as proof of your management, planning, and communication skills.
  • Thoughts that develop during the planning process can force owners and managers to think more precisely, leading to the ability to manage more effectively.

Preparation of business planning

It is necessary to work on the following aspects to design a correct business planning:

  1. Diagnosis: It is crucial to assess the company before selecting where it will go thoroughly. Knowing all the organization details will allow you to be more realistic and consistent with setting objectives.
  2. Objectives: It is necessary to draw up a list of goals to achieve and establish the processes that will be carried out to achieve them.
  3. Resources: Once the goals have been set, an analysis of the resources necessary to achieve them, both in the short and long term, will be carried out. Financing should be requested if deemed necessary.
  4. Information: This is a fundamental part of business planning. Employees must be aware of the established objectives to achieve them. In a company, the workers are those who, in their respective departments, will carry out the tasks to achieve the set goals.
  5. Marketing: In the case of sales objectives or improvement of the corporate external image, it will be necessary to design a marketing campaign to inform society about what we want to transmit. Advertising is a crucial piece to be able to achieve the established objectives.
  6. Update: The business world is subject to constant changes, so the objectives must be subject to review and updating if necessary. This work must be carried out with a certain periodicity to prevent the established goals from becoming outdated or outdated.

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